This is the personal website of Dr Carla Finesilver. It has been a work in progress for about 20 years.

I spend most of my time doing either education- or music-related things. You’re probably looking for me in either one or the other context.

maths – education – inclusion – disability

For info on my current work as an academic, educational researcher, teacher and consultant, go to this page.

music – flute – orchestra – opera

For info on my current work and background as a musician, go to this page. If I’ve got around to updating it recently, my upcoming performances will be under music – events.

I used to write classical music reviews for various websites (2009-16), and also a more informal opera blog (2005-14), both of which are archived here. Links and articles can be found under music – reviews in the menu, or search for a particular composer, performer or event.

social media & networking

Mastodon: finesilver@mathstodon.xyz (favourite at time of writing)
Twitter: @carlafinesilver 
Instagram: @flutation (mostly crochet hobby pics)
If we’ve actually met, you’re welcome to find me on Facebook. But I don’t go there (or most of the others tbh) very often.