Month: March 2011

LOLA PERRIN – Going East (Purcell Room, 2011-03-19)

Lola Perrin’s recital began in contemplative fashion, with Abandon and Julia’s Chorus from her Silver Suite for solo piano. Having come in from the bustle, noise and bright lights of the Southbank Centre and the Embankment, the reverberating dreamy Debussy-esque chords had immediate effect in setting a peaceful mood – one could see some audience members’ shoulders visibly un-hunching as they relaxed into the evening. The energy level was soon raised, however, when Perrin was joined by elder brother Roland for a single-piano duet of G Mass, a fascinating trip through a variety of styles – one moment reminiscent of Nyman, the next Scriabin, or Keith Jarrett – all skilfully blended into a highly original whole. It was also fascinating to see and hear the two Perrins duetting, and drawing such different sounds from the same instrument; Lola’s warm, flowing groove in the bass contrasting with Roland’s spiky stabbing improvisatory style in the treble, in a way that almost shouldn’t have worked, yet entirely did… [read more here]

Programme (all by L Perrin)

Abandon & Julia’s Chorus (from the Silver Suite)
G Mass
Intertitles I
Going East


Lola Perrin (piano/synthesiser)
Natacha Atlas (voice)
Roland Perrin (piano)
Kate Shortt (cello)
Sarah Watts (bass clarinet)
Alexis Kirke (electronics)
Jonathan Bonnici (writer/narrator)
Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim (film makers)

Another Purcell Room gig where I’ve walked out of the auditorium at the end and immediately bought one of the albums of the artist that they were handily selling at a stall by the door. Ms Perrin was doing a signing, but I didn’t particularly want a personal message (what with not knowing her personally), so just asked her to autograph it. Hope she didn’t think I left off my name so I could flog it on eBay…