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DON GIOVANNI dress rehearsal (ROH, 2014-01-29)

Oo, a new production of Don Giovanni at Covent Garden! And a kind friend acquired me a ticket to the dress rehearsal. Who wants to know what it looks like? (Plot and production *SPOILERS*, obviously, along with some armchair psychiatry.) It looks like the design team have been watching Complicité productions, Sherlock, and pop music videos. … Continue reading DON GIOVANNI dress rehearsal (ROH, 2014-01-29)

A DOG’S HEART (ENO/Complicite, 2010-11-20)

One of the ENO’s great strengths is its willingness to experiment with new works, and another is its collaborations, both with other opera companies and other artistic disciplines. A Dog’s Heart fits into all these categories, being the UK premiere of a new work, the production involving collaborations with De Nederlandse Opera, theatre company Complicite … Continue reading A DOG’S HEART (ENO/Complicite, 2010-11-20)

SATYAGRAHA (ENO, 2010-02-25)

    Three years ago, Improbable’s new production of Satyagraha at the English National Opera – the work’s London premiere – “broke all Company box-office records for contemporary opera”. This brings several immediate thoughts to mind, such as: whether a thirty-year old work, and one so clearly of its historical period, can sensibly be described … Continue reading SATYAGRAHA (ENO, 2010-02-25)


Lecturer in mathematics education and inclusive education I work mainly in the areas of mathematics education and inclusion, with a particular focus on the intersection of these two fields – inclusive mathematics education. My aim is, through my research and teaching, to make mathematics and numeracy more accessible and relevant for all, but particularly for disadvantaged young people … Continue reading Education