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DON GIOVANNI dress rehearsal (ROH, 2014-01-29)

Oo, a new production of Don Giovanni at Covent Garden! And a kind friend acquired me a ticket to the dress rehearsal. Who wants to know what it looks like? (Plot and production *SPOILERS*, obviously, along with some armchair psychiatry.) It looks like the design team have been watching Complicité productions, Sherlock, and pop music videos. … Continue reading DON GIOVANNI dress rehearsal (ROH, 2014-01-29)

A DOG’S HEART (ENO/Complicite, 2010-11-20)

One of the ENO’s great strengths is its willingness to experiment with new works, and another is its collaborations, both with other opera companies and other artistic disciplines. A Dog’s Heart fits into all these categories, being the UK premiere of a new work, the production involving collaborations with De Nederlandse Opera, theatre company Complicite … Continue reading A DOG’S HEART (ENO/Complicite, 2010-11-20)

SATYAGRAHA (ENO, 2010-02-25)

    Three years ago, Improbable’s new production of Satyagraha at the English National Opera – the work’s London premiere – “broke all Company box-office records for contemporary opera”. This brings several immediate thoughts to mind, such as: whether a thirty-year old work, and one so clearly of its historical period, can sensibly be described … Continue reading SATYAGRAHA (ENO, 2010-02-25)


Lecturer in mathematics education and inclusive education Research My main research interests include the education of individuals with additional or divergent learning needs (such as Special Educational Needs, disabilities, atypical neurocognitive development, and other intersecting disadvantages), particularly where these cause mathematics-specific difficulties. I have recently been studying the mathematical activities of low-attaining students with a view … Continue reading Education