This is the personal website of Dr Carla Finesilver.


For details of my maths education work and writing, go to this page.

There’s also my professional twitter feed @carlafinesilver (updated admittedly infrequently) and LinkedIn.


silverfin is my classical music blog. In 2005 I started doing write-ups of the operas I saw, partly because I have a bad memory and wanted to be able to actually recall something about them at a later date, partly as writing practice, having just gone back to postgraduate study after a 10-year gap. People seemed to like to read my reviews, so I stuck them on my website. Then other websites and publications asked me to write stuff for them. It’s also for plugging events I’m playing in and/or organising.

For my background as a performing musician, go to this page.

Personal info

Flute-playing nerdy insomniac vegetarian maths-education-warrior and Londoner. Likes opera, spaceships and chilli. Has opinions and shares them.

Personal twitterings at @silverfin9.

No, the Silverfin ID was not inspired by the 2005 book of that name; I’ve been using it since the 90s.