Classically trained musician – flute, piccolo, alto flute


Opera/orchestral events

I’m one of the organisers and the woodwind fixer for Fulham Opera’s Orchestral Workshops (2013-). I also fix individual orchestral musicians or whole woodwind sections on a freelance basis for various other groups and events. (Usual rate £10/player, £20/player if very short notice, special arrangements for charities and friends.)

London Flutes mailing list

I run a mailing list for amateur and semi-pro flute players in and around London, on which I forward one-off playing opportunities (mostly unpaid) as and when they occur,  e.g. dep needed for rehearsal cover, auxiliary players needed for large-scored work, etc.

If you are a woodwind or other instrumental player interested in future workshops, a flute player wishing to join the mailing list, or an event organiser in need of my musician fixing service, please contact me.



I read Music (and Maths) at Royal Holloway, University of London and have studied flute with Simon Desorgher and Anna Pope. My performance specialism was early to mid 20th century repertoire. I was also a founder of the university’s Contemporary Music Group, and like working with current composers. Current playing includes:

  • Amici Orchestra (1st chair 2008-) charity fundraiser concerts
  • Fulham Opera (by invitation, 1st/pic 2012-)
  • Saffron Opera Group (by invitation, 2nd/pic 2014-)
  • Palace Opera (by invitation, 1st 2017-)
  • Edinburgh Players Opera Group (by invitation, rotating principal 2005-)
  • Auxiliary/temporary player with a wide range of semi-pro and amateur/community groups in London and beyond, with extensive experience of filling in challenging parts at short notice and/or on minimal rehearsals.

Selected recordings

  • Jocelyn Campbell: Flute on ‘Green Border’ (orchestral, live recording of world premiere)
  • Peter Fender Flute or piccolo on all orchestral works on the album Speechless
  • Blanc Canvas Flute on ‘Positivity’ from the album Blanc Canvas
  • Master Pi Flute + piccolo on ‘In a Moment’ from the album Master Pi
  • Kat Vipers Flute + piccolo on ‘Just Like Jerry Lee’ from the album Hot Air Balloon
  • David Freeman Penny whistle on ‘Part Time Father’ from the album Going Out Without Makeup and ‘Good People’ (single)
  • David Lyon Penny whistle on ‘Birds Fly, Fish Swim’ (single)

Additional info

I love playing bass flute but unfortunately do not have my own instrument, so borrow or hire when required – thus a little more warning is needed. I have also been known to double on various saxes, recorders, penny whistles, piano/keyboards, percussion, and sing (alto) as and when required.

I have some experience arranging music, taking sectional rehearsals and as an assistant conductor for amateur orchestras, choruses and chamber groups.

Get in touch if you think you might want me for your music project.