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RFH Dutchman
Smiling allowed on the programme cover, not in performance.

Opera being a strongly visual art form as well as a musical one, the idea of a pure concert performance seems a little strange to those unfamiliar with the form. However, removing the necessity for singers to run around (often in uncomfortable-looking costumes), negotiate (sometimes uncooperative) props and scenery, and bodily convey their thoughts and feelings in a manner visible to amphitheatre Row W, allows for 100% concentration on the music, in particular the expression of character and emotion through voice alone. This is no problem at all for Bryn Terfel, who took full advantage of the Royal Festival Hall’s acoustic to give us an unusually sensitive, human Dutchman, that both allowed him to show off the full expressive, dynamic and tonal range that has made him such a favourite, while being no less convincing in the role for being wearing a tuxedo rather than oilskins and boots… [read more here]


Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer


Bryn Terfel (Dutchman)
Anja Kampe (Senta)
Matti Salminen (Daland)
Martin Homrich (Erik)
Liliana Nikiteanu (Mary)
Fabio Trümpy (Steersman)
Zurich Opera Orchestra & Chorus
Alain Altinoglu (Conductor)